Beat the Heat: Your Guide to Cooling Off in Downtown St. Louis

The summer heat in St. Louis can be stifling, to say the least. Hop out of the sun and cool off with these Downtown desserts and destinations. From chilly treats to summer spa treatments, the options for staying out of the sun are endless—and with enough of these low-temp treats, you’re sure to survive the hot and humid summer. Stay cool!

Try the S’more Crepe from Rooster

Does any flavor symbolize the taste of summer more than a s’more? With cookie crumbs, marshmallows and dark chocolate, this sweet S’more Crepe from Rooster can be topped with vanilla or chocolate ice cream for a chilly take on this campfire favorite.

Splash in the fountains at Citygarden

From the Voyage Pool to the Spray Basin, Citygarden is full of kiddo-friendly water features. Pool monitors offer a watchful eye over the water areas from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Enjoy the artwork while you dry off, or pop across the street to grab an iced java at Kaldi’s Coffee.

Experience Thai-style ice cream at Snow Factory

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be more ways to enjoy ice cream, Snow Factory came along. Here, you can watch as your ice cream is mixed and frozen to order, right before your eyes. Then the fun part comes: the ice cream is scraped into rolls and stuffed into your cup, along with any toppings you can imagine. Snow Factory is an experience just as much as it is a spot for cool, tasty treats.

Snow Factory Coffee Ice Cream

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Perfect your toes at the Four Seasons St. Louis Spa

Chill out in the AC and keep your toes sandal-ready with this trendy seasonal pedicure. The Lavender Lemonade Pedicure at the Four Seasons St. Louis Spa uses summer-themed ingredients like cold-pressed coconut and sweet almond oil to cool you off and prep your skin
for warm weather.

Chill with the Vietnamese coffee ice cream from Hiro Asian Kitchen

Iced coffee lovers, rejoice: the Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream from Hiro Asian Kitchen packs the punch you want in a frosty form. This ice cream is locally made by the popular Clementine’s Creamery and pairs perfectly with Hiro’s summer dinner offerings.