Bella’s Frozen Yogurt Is Back and Better Than Ever

Bella's Frozen Yogurt

“You should try the strawberry-jalapeño combination.”

The words “strawberry” and “jalapeño” are typically never mentioned in the same breath, much less at a frozen yogurt shop—unless it’s Bella’s Frozen Yogurt in Downtown St. Louis.

Austin Blankenship and Corey James, both residents of Downtown St. Louis, were Bella’s patrons for years until the shop closed down a few years ago when the previous owner moved across the country.

The space on the corner of Washington Ave. and 11th stood vacant for nearly four years until James and Blankenship came to a conclusion: someone needed to satisfy the city’s froyo fix.

Could they be the ones?

In a way, James and Blankenship were destined to resurrect Bella’s: they have a dog named Bella who wears a teal collar (the shop’s main color.)

Talk about fate.

And so it became official: Bella’s was back. After all the paperwork was signed, James and Blankenship did what any other devout froyo-preneurs would do: they travelled to Arkansas to master the art of premium frozen yogurt.

It was down in The Natural State that they discovered the potential for their controversial strawberry-jalapeño concoction. What’s more, they learned proper mixing methods, temperature specifications and flavor patterns.

In short, they mastered the science of making mouths water.

When James and Blankenship returned to the Gateway City, they knew they wanted Bella’s to set the standard not only for frozen yogurt, but for all treats in St. Louis. If you visit the shop, it’s hard to argue that they haven’t accomplished that already.

Bella’s sources all of its toppings from local suppliers like the Soulard Farmers Market. All of the fresh fruits (and jalapeños) are sliced and diced every morning—no frozen fruits, no jarred jalapeños.

James and Blankenship understand the Lou’s tight-knit food community, which is why they’re collaborating with local flavor icons including Bissinger’s Chocolate, World’s Fair Donuts and Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets (you read that right.) And for you fitness folks, Bella’s is teaming up with Supplement Superstores for a chocolate protein combo.

Got diet preferences? No problem. Bella’s offers vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options so there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

You can even get your frozen treat blended into a smoothie if you’re on the go. Just fill your cup with all the yogurt and toppings your heart (and mouth) desires and they’ll blend that bad-boy up with some coconut milk.

Now, stop drooling over your screen and get your froyo fix at Bella’s.

Bella’s is located at 1021 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101 and is open every day from noon until 9 p.m.