3 Things to Know about Downtown’s New On-Demand eCabs

In a matter of days, a fleet of electric cabs will hit the streets of Downtown St. Louis. These on-demand vehicles are ready to take you from point A to point B—but are you familiar with how the new, free service works? Here’s what you need to know to be ready for the March 1 launch.

These cabs are electric and 100% emissions free.

Downtown’s new eCabs are from the Austin-based business Electric Cab of North America. While they look a bit like oversized golf carts, the eco-friendly vehicles are electric, five-person cabs that release zero emissions. Decrease your carbon footprint by leaving your car at work while you take an eCab to lunch—or, as Downtown STL President and CEO Missy Kelley recently explained, go a step further and take public transit into Downtown, then hop on an eCab to get to your next destination.

The eCab service is completely free during the pilot period.

Downtown St. Louis’ new on-demand eCabs launch on March 1 and are scheduled to run through June 30 in the pilot program. During that time, all rides within Downtown locations are free. The eCabs will run Mondays through Saturdays and, like UberPool and LyftLine, are shared vehicles with point-to-point dynamic routing. While special events may alter the boundaries of service, the general eCab area runs from Interstate 64 to Cass Avenue and the Mississippi River to 18th Street.

You have options for finding your ride.

Much like the popular ridesharing services, you can summon your ride using a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices. If that’s not your style, you can call a dedicated phone number (314-649-8089) to request transportation. See an eCab while you’re out? You can also hail one like a traditional cab.