Maryville University’s New Media Project Shows Students What Downtown St. Louis Has to Offer

Each year, first-year students at Maryville University gather on campus for a day of exploration around their new homes in St. Louis. This opportunity, called a First-Year Experience Excursion, is not only meant to connect incoming students with their peers and teachers but also introduces them to the experiences that make St. Louis unique: the City Museum, Busch Stadium, Forest Park, The Science Center and much more.

This year, however, Maryville wants to build an even stronger bond between the university, its students, and the city.

Chris Reimer, Maryville’s Associate Director of New Media, is leading a project that will showcase Downtown St. Louis to prospective and current students alike. Recently, Reimer and a team of photographers and videographers ventured around the city to capture visuals that will eventually be displayed in Maryville’s Admissions Welcome Center. The goal is to give visitors a better sense of what downtown has to offer.

“We want to reflect growth and excitement of Downtown St. Louis on Maryville’s campus,” said Reimer.

Maryville’s students, which come from 60 countries and all 50 states, have shown increased curiosity in the growth of Downtown St. Louis, and Reimer knew this was a prime opportunity to expand the university’s geographical footprint.

“Some students aren’t as familiar with St. Louis as they’d like to be. They may know about the Arch and the Cardinals, but Maryville wants to let them know there’s even more than that.”

Maryville’s decision to further integrate itself into the downtown community couldn’t have come at a better time. Some of the university’s most notable fields of study, such as nursing and cybersecurity, align perfectly with St. Louis’ growing healthcare and tech marketplaces. Promoting the benefits of the city’s proximity, explained Reimer, will increase Maryville’s appeal to the next generation.

“A lot of students know that Maryville is the right fit for them, but sometimes they need a little nudge,” said Reimer. “If we can show them the skyscrapers, the stadium, the nightlife and the energy, that’s usually enough to solidify their decision.”

Building a strong bond between Maryville and Downtown St. Louis does more than attract students, though. It prepares them for a diverse world. The result is a mutually beneficial relationship between the next generation of professionals and a city that’s on a massive upswing.

Best of all, Maryville University students can be confident that there’s a world of opportunities just 20 minutes away from campus.