Three Run Four Turns Happy Hour Into a Workout

Jason Pippi knew he loved running, meeting new friends, and enjoying St. Louis craft beer. But he wanted to find a way to combine all three. He set out to do just that, and quickly discovered that he wasn’t the only St. Louisan who was looking to make that happen.

This spring, Jason started Three Run Four, a free social running group for people looking to bond over fitness and friendship. But he didn’t want this run club to be as hard-core as some of the others he’d heard about. The solution? Create a fun, low-pressure social community accessible to everyone regardless of skill level.

“We are a group of runners united with an interest in fun, socializing, and running, but also kicking back with a couple frothy brews,” Jason Pippi told KMOV.

Each Thursday, Three Run Four members meet at 6:15 p.m. at Tin Roof in Downtown St. Louis before setting out for a run around the city. Members include marathoners, weekend warriors, hobby joggers, and everyone in between. Whether you run a 6-minute or 30-minute mile, you’ll always have someone at your side.

Members can choose either a two or three-mile route which both take runners past Busch Stadium, Citygarden, and Kiener Plaza. If you need a breather halfway through, the group has a rest station at Sauce on the Side. Once everyone wraps up their run and has a good thirst built up, the group gathers back at Tin Roof for some suds and socializing.

“Running in the past has been regarded as this unattainable thing where ‘I need to be able to run a 7-minute mile and do a half marathon,’ but that’s not what we’re about,” said Pippi. We’re about people who are trying to get out there, have a healthy life and meet some new people around Downtown.”

If you’ve been stuck in the same routine for months or even years, this Thursday is your chance to try something fresh. Ready to lace up?