3 Downtown Restaurant Week Desserts You Need to Order Again

Are you still stuffed from Downtown Restaurant Week? The recent 14th annual event worked with 15 Downtown eateries to offer three-course meals at a discounted rate across a myriad of cuisines. While the appetizers and entrees were delicious, it’s the desserts we can’t stop thinking about. Lucky for you, these three tasty treats are available Downtown outside the event.

Now you simply must decide: Which will you try first?

Strawberry Cheesecake Makimono at Drunken Fish

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Can a sweet treat be anything but great with words like fried, chocolate and whipped cream in the description? We think not. The Strawberry Cheesecake Makimono ($9) at Drunken Fish includes strawberries and New York-style cheesecake wrapped in pink soy paper and tempura fried. On top of this dessert, you’ll find mixed nuts, powdered sugar, chocolate sauce and plenty of whipped cream.

MoonPie Split at Tin Roof

You read that right—that childhood favorite, individually wrapped MoonPie has been turned into a restaurant-ready dessert called the MoonPie Split ($9) available at Tin Roof. Real, “factory-fresh” MoonPies (which, in case you forgot, are chocolate-covered graham cracker and marshmallow sandwiches) are topped with butter pecan ice cream, banana pudding, bourbon caramel and chocolate syrup. Skip the entree and just have this for dinner. We won’t judge.

Black Russian Pie at Lombardo’s Trattoria

At Lombardo’s Trattoria, the Black Russian Pie ($5.95) is a rich and decadent way to wrap up your night. Kahlua, whipped cream and marshmallows fill an Oreo-cookie crust in this tasty treat. Who needs a nightcap when you could have pie?

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