In an effort to build stronger relationships between Downtown St. Louis and the people of our region, and to gain and influence a better understanding of who we are, inside and out, #mySTL was conceptualized by Downtown STL, Inc., along with a team of skilled, thoughtful, and passionate content creators. #mySTL is a storytelling initiative that aims to lift up the stories that never make headlines: the untold, the underappreciated, the unique. #mySTL is a platform for sharing ideas, gathering community insight and showcasing the Downtown that we are, want to be and can be. It is our hope that #mySTL will become an outlet for sharing the good, for crafting and contributing to productive narratives and for raising awareness around the many incredible things happening throughout our city.

We encourage the many communities throughout the region to share ideas and feedback and to offer story suggestions, and we welcome submissions and contributor inquiries. We hope that residents and visitors of Downtown St. Louis will share positive moments, and creative ideas and visions for our city through the #mySTL hashtag. We know it can be difficult to focus on the positive when we have so much work to do, but we genuinely believe that lifting up these stories that so often go untold will help and guide us in that work.