Downtown Routines & Familiar Faces: Call for Nominations

Photo by Glennmade Films

While the larger population may know St. Louis for its landmarks, sports teams and history, those who live here know it’s the people that make the Gateway City special. From the exceptional artists and innovative business people to the “best fans in baseball,” it is the humans of our region who make a difference. Those are the stories we’d like to see elevated. And those are the stories we plan to share.

So, St. Louisans, we have a question for you: Who makes Downtown St. Louis special to you? Is it the friendly barista who always remembers your name, or that street performer with talent to spare? How about a coworker who spends their time volunteering, or that public servant you’ve seen go the extra mile? #mySTL is dedicated to telling the untold stories of St. Louis, and we’d like to start by shining the spotlight on the people who matter to you. Help us introduce the special individuals who make Downtown great to the larger St. Louis area by nominating someone today.

Next time you spot that Downtown regular who warms your heart, nominate them to be highlighted in a special profile piece by posting on social media using the hashtag #mySTL and tagging @mySTLcity.

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Julia Cain

Julia Cain is a St. Louis reporter and blogger.


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