Downtown St. Louis Architecture Quiz: Name that Building

There’s nothing quite like summertime in the city. So, we’re kicking off this season by putting your knowledge on STL’s historical downtown buildings to the test. History has always been a defining aspect of our city, and some of our buildings still standing today can date all the way back to the city’s founding in 1764. Do you know which ones?

Let’s see how well can you architecture buffs can identify these staple Saint Louis buildings.

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This gothic-style building was built in 1851 and has been found to have ties to ancient Halloween traditions. This building is…

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Located at 1508 Locust Street, the Campbell House is a museum containing hundreds of possessions and artifacts from the 1880s. Check out their website for tour and price information!

Constructed in 1925, this historic building housed a fur supplier company until 2001. Now it has been reconstructed into one of the most popular event spaces in Downtown. This building is...

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Located at 1009 Olive Street, the Thaxton Building houses an outstanding bar and event space with unique Jazz Age decor. Be sure to check out the top-secret Thaxton Speakeasy.

Consisting of two (almost) separate towers, this historic building’s interior resembles a 1913 version of a modern shopping mall. This building is…

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The Arcade Building sat as the largest vacant building in Downtown St. Louis for years before it was rebuilt into todays artistic Arcade Apartments. The building is located at 800 Olive Street.

Completed in 1907, this historic building is one of the largest in the city and has come close to demolition many times throughout recent years. This building is…

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After reconstructing between 2006 and 2008, the Syndicate Trust Building now is the home to many luxury condominiums, apartments, retail shops, and a grocery store. The building is located at 915 Olive Street.

This building, constructed in 1891, was originally built to be St. Louis’ public library. This building was formerly known as…

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The Board of Education left this building in 2000, and the building sat vacant for many years. But recently it has been renovated, becoming Roberts Lofts on the Plaza. It is located at 911 Locust Street.

After being renovated in 2003, this building remains Downtown St. Louis’ most lavish Beaux Arts building. This building is…

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After undergoing many renovations, the Roberts Orpheum Theater now holds 1,500 seats and has hosted well known artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. It’s located at 412-416 North 9th Street.

This fortress-like building was meant to reflect the strength of the country in the aftermath of the Civil War. This building is…

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The Old Post Office is currently being renovated for use by Webster University, as well as by the State Court of Appeals. It’s located at 815 Olive Street.

Built in 1909 by architect Isaac Taylor, this building is known for its thin profile and simple bay windows. This building is…

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Continuing its original purpose of a commerce and trade building, the LaSalle building continues to stand tall at 501-509 Olive Street. It is only one of two historical St. Louis buildings to have bay windows spanning from its top to its bottom.

Built in response to “the panic of 1907”, this grey limestone fortress continues to be a staple building within St. Louis today. This building is…

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Located at 1 Broadway Street, the Federal Reserve Bank continues to serve Americans throughout the Midwest. It is also home to an economy museum that’s free to the public from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Constructed in 1891, this detailed building was built in what was the center of St. Louis’s financial district. This building is…

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Today, the Security Building still functions as a trade/commerce building and has been recognized as the first environmentally “green” historical building in Saint Louis. It’s located at 315-319 North 4th Street.

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