eCab Updates: Over 5,000 Rides in First 6 Weeks of Pilot Program

For nearly two months, the streets of Downtown St. Louis have been peppered with a new on-demand ride service. The eCab program offers rides within the Downtown area six days per week using electric, emissions-free vehicles that fit five people. But like any new service, the big question is: Are people actually using it?

Since its soft launch in mid-February, St. Louisans have taken more than 5,000 rides using Downtown’s on-demand eCab service. On average, 120 rides per day are given on weekdays and most drop-off or pick-up points are along Washington Avenue, Broadway and Market Street. And where are these people going? Quite often out to eat. About 30% of all riders using the eCab service are being dropped off at a restaurant.

During its launch period, which wraps up June 30, all rides using the Downtown eCab are completely free. Much like other popular ridesharing services, riders can summon an eCab using the free iOS or Android mobile app. (When asked for a PIN in the app, enter 1234.) Additionally, a dedicated phone number (314-649-8089) can be used to request transportation, and—like traditional taxis—eCabs may be hailed from the sidewalk.

The eCab service was designed to make moving around Downtown St. Louis as simple as possible. If you have taken a ride in an eCab, submit your feedback through the six-question eCab passenger survey today.