Office Space: Exploring Enliven

Image courtesy of Enliven

Some companies have beige cubicles for employees, while others brighten up the 9-to-5 with design-focused office spaces sure to leave team members and clients swooning. Tour St. Louis’ most innovative and aesthetic in #mySTL’s Office Space spotlights.

The office of Enliven, a St. Louis-based product development team, is tucked inside a newly renovated building on the 1400 block of Washington Avenue. Housed in a district with cobblestone streets and historic brick buildings, Enliven brings a splash of modern design to the area and pairs it with touches of vintage and industrial.

Moving inside the glass doors, guests are greeted by a casual sitting area complete with a coffee bar and statement quote wall. Lining the halls are offices and a conference room encased with glass windows with pops of yellow, ivory, teal and black throughout. Adding to the color mixture are the industrial touches of open piping and lights hanging by metal wire leading to the focal point of the space. The company moved into the space in February of 2015, and the design was a collaboration among the team with direction by office manager Yoko Kiyoi.

The team work area is clearly the soul of the building, full of natural light and greenery. The combination of exposed brick, teal, and floor-to-ceiling glass enhance the open-concept feel. Chairs and a sofa are strategically placed in a corner of the office with a wood and wire coffee table for informal meetings, or as an alternative work space. A dart board, a flat-screen television, and dry erase board wall are elements that serve as ways to keep the creative juices flowing.

Hidden between the team quadrants and offices is a nook that serves as a small break area. Pulling all the decorative elements together are concrete floors throughout topped with patterned rugs and plush seating. The juxtaposition of elements combined with the innovative company attitude creates a workspace that truly balances form and function.