Quiz: St. Louis Food & Drink by the Numbers

Food and drinks are in our DNA in St. Louis. From Vess soda, to toasted ravs, to gooey butter cake, it’s hard to argue against our taste. But we’re putting your taste to the test. Think you know how many gallons of beer we drink or how many hot dogs are served at Busch Stadium? Now’s your chance to prove it.

We’re warning you now: this is a tough one. Don’t forget to share your results on social media and tag us @downtownstlouis – good luck!

How many pounds of meat are smoked at St. Louis' annual 'Q in the Lou' BBQ festival?

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Q in the Lou is called "pork paradise" for a reason...and it's coming back this summer at Kiener Plaza!

How many gallons of beer does the average St. Louisan drink each year?

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...thanks to the more than 50 breweries in St. Louis

How many hot dogs does Busch Stadium sell each year?

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They just taste better at the ballpark, don't they?

How many cups of powdered sugar goes into a standard gooey butter cake?

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No wonder that recipe caught on so fast...

How many flavors of Vess soda are there?

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Fruit punch, cola, root beer, strawberry, black cherry, pina colada, peach, grape, lemon lime, cream, red cream, orange, Dr. Vess, pineapple, and blue raspberry

Toasted ravioli is ___________% more popular in St. Louis than anywhere else

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We promise that's not made up...That's the startlingly specific conclusion of the search-and-discover app Foursquare, which analyzed data from all 50 states to determine which food is most disproportionately popular in each of them.

How much is the most expensive bottle of wine at Downtown STL's famous Italian restaurant, Tony's?

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In case you want to splurge, it's the 1998 Chateau Latour, Pauillac

St. Louis Food & Drink by the Numbers
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