Looking for Ghosts in St. Louis? Try These 3 Places

Want to hear a ghost story? This Halloween season, supernatural believers and history buffs can join forces to learn more about the eerie past of some St. Louis locations. Grab your EMF meter and be on the lookout at these haunted locations.

Campbell House Museum

The logical destination for eerie occurings? A place where people have died—and, according to Campbell House Museum director Andy Hahn, the count at this Downtown destination is “oodles.” In a 2011 interview with St. Louis Magazine, Hahn recounted a mysterious appearance of half-dollar coins throughout the historic space, and reports of this spooky surprise continue through 2014. Add that to the apparent sightings of ghostly people and supernatural audio recordings of chilling whimpers and Campbell House Museum becomes a must-visit location for any paranormal fan.

Stifel Theatre

Since its opening in 1934 as the Peabody Opera House, this venue has been reportedly haunted by an apparition called Mary. The St. Louis Paranormal Research Society spots Mary in a myriad of historical Peabody Opera House photos from the Missouri History Museum Photographic Archives, as well as a 2016 image of the theater’s auditorium.

Looking for Halloween plans? Stifel Theatre and St. Louis Paranormal Research Society are offering Haunted History Tours to learn more about this location’s spooky past.

Lemp Mansion

Known as one of the most haunted places in the country, St. Louisans who love all things scary know The Lemp Mansion is the place to go around Halloween. This beer-brewing family has a dark history of mysterious deaths, many of which took place in what’s now the Lemp Mansion Restaurant & Inn.

The mansion’s ongoing Haunted History Tours with Betsy Belanger series, typically held on Mondays, will be offered on Halloween at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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