Why St. Louisians Love Downtown

Photo by Scott Lokitz

Downtown St. Louis is a source of civic pride, and a hub for diversity and opportunity. From the historic architecture to the vibrancy of the innovation community, to Downtown’s robust transit system, here are a few reasons St. Louisans love their downtown:

“My building meets all of my needs and I’m a block from Culinaria. It allows me to live in the space I need to live in my given life and health right now.” – Mike Barnett

“The eclectic vibe of everything.” – Nancy Moore

“The essence of hustle in the air.” – Cedric “C-Sharp” Redmon

“Diversity and the comfort of being yourself!” – Jimmy Lesch

“EVERYTHING!” – Darin Slyman

“Walkability to so much cool stuff!” – Annie Rice

“I love the architecture and the atmosphere of a diversely urban culture. There are so many unique shops, eateries, and cute puppies everywhere!” – Letitia Mcpherson-Young

“The many opportunities for growth and progress. The architecture. The restaurants. The startups in big old buildings. It’s really pretty. Lots of things.” – Shaheera Bhutto

“Diversity, the energy, access to transportation and highways, central location, walking distance to Busch Stadium, and to work. … I have been pushing for a Target. I have been a Downtown resident since 2011.” – Phillip Johnson

“Diversity. I get to see people that look like me ALL THE TIME! And cool food, cool peeps, and awesome bars.” – LaShana Lewis

“The possibilities.” – Melanie Clark

“I love seeing the Arch each time I drive across the bridge. Never gets old to me.” – Eric Jackson

“Good transit and big city bones from the glory days.” – Jeff Vines

“The amazing potential for growth and progress! And the Arch and architecture are beautiful!” – Neal Preston Powell

“The People.” – Ben Riley

There are lots of reasons to love Downtown St. Louis. #mySTL is an outlet for sharing our favorite moments, restaurants, experiences, and our creative visions and ideas for Downtown St. Louis and the entire city with our friends and neighbors. It’s a way to see who appreciates the same things you do, and to discover best kept secrets, new resources and friendly people.

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