Can You Match These Meals to the Right Downtown STL Restaurants?

downtown st. louis food quiz

It doesn’t take more than a few tastes to see why St. Louis is home to arguably the nation’s most revered food scene. But don’t take our word for it. In March, Yelp ranked St. Louis as the #2 food city in America (behind only San Francisco) based on thousands of ratings and reviews.

Food is part of the Gateway City’s DNA, especially Downtown, with countless restaurants within one square mile. From BBQ to boozy milkshakes, people travel from all corners of the country to get familiar with St. Louis food—but how familiar are you? You’re about to find out.

Here’s how this “Match the Meal” quiz works: we’ll name a popular menu item—then you identify what Downtown restaurant it’s from. (Warning: you might drool on your screen when reading the descriptions.)

Saint Louis BBQ Pulled Pork Ravioli

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This tangy twist on a St. Louis classic is served with bourbon BBQ marinara and shaved parmesan.

Crispy Pig Head Platter

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If you want to get your hands on this pig head, you’ll have to reserve it 48 hours ahead of time and put down a deposit (seriously.)

Bacon Pancake Boozy Milkshake

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This 21-plus dessert pairs bacon bourbon with maple syrup vodka, as well as vanilla ice cream and pancake batter, for a tipsy treat unlike any other.

Arch D-Lux Burger

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Every time someone buys this burger, a dollar donation is made to the Gateway Arch Park Foundation.

Shrimp Voodoo

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Come for the sweet ‘n spicy shrimp, stay for the live music every night.

Cock-A-Doodle Noodle Calzone

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As seen on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise!

Jack Torrance Machete (it’s a giant taco that looks like a machete)

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This giant tortilla is stuffed with spice-rubbed jackfruit, portobellos, fundido cheese, and more.

Big Muddy Brisket Sandwich

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The menu says it all: “The perfect sandwich for someone who likes a lot of sandwich.”

Squid Ink Pasta

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Complete with blistered tomato and limoncello, this capellini dish is made from scratch.

Hipster Tacos (yes, that’s the official name)

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These veggie-based tacos are stuffed with sweet potato, black beans, avocado, cotija cheese, and lime aioli.

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