Ballpark Village, Phase Two: 700,000 Square Feet of Potential

ballpark village phase two

When developers broke ground on Ballpark Village in 2013, they embarked on a journey to make Downtown St. Louis the nation’s premier baseball neighborhood. Now, six years later, Ballpark Village is poised to transcend sports and become the socioeconomic hub of the Midwest.

That’s the grand vision of Ballpark Village’s phase two: a $260 million project that’s adding 700,000 square feet of mixed-use development to the east and west sides of the current district. Upon completion, Ballpark Village will be a vibrant 24/7 neighborhood in the heart of Downtown St. Louis.

What to Expect

You’re probably familiar with the cranes and construction trucks in the shadows of Busch Stadium, but you may not know what all they’re being used to build. Highlights of the expanded BPV include a $65 million hotel, a 29-story luxury apartment tower, retail shops, and new dining and entertainment experiences. The main attraction for the business community, however, is the construction of Downtown’s first Class-A office building in more than three decades. In all, the second phase of BPV is more than seven times the scale of the first phase and will complete a full build-out of Clark Street, transforming it into one of the most exciting streets in all of professional sports.

“We are very excited about the second phase of Ballpark Village,” said Bill DeWitt III, President of the St. Louis Cardinals. “Our vision of a mixed-use neighborhood where people live, work and play will become a reality. This is a real game-changer for the city of St. Louis and the state of Missouri.”

Keeping the Momentum Rolling

While phase one provided a notable influx of visitors and revenue to Downtown St. Louis, it also opened a world of potential to bring unseen levels of growth and energy within the community. Between Ballpark Village’s year-round programming and massive crowds of sports fans, it’s already the only entertainment district of its kind in the region. Moving forward, the expanded Ballpark Village will accelerate Downtown’s tourism and event attraction efforts, solidifying the St. Louis’ reputation as a must-see city.

“The expansion of Ballpark Village will have a tremendous impact on Downtown’s social and economic scenes, just like the first phase did,” said Missy Kelley, Chief Executive Officer of Downtown STL. “The investments into business, entertainment, and residential living are critical to strengthening the heart of our region.”

But that’s not all. The second phase of Ballpark Village stands to create 1,500 construction jobs and more than 1,000 permanent new jobs. When it’s all said and done, developing the second phase of Ballpark Village could go down as the best business move Downtown has ever made.

“The expansion of Ballpark Village is also a model project for diversity and inclusion in Downtown,” says Cari Furman, Director of Communications for Cordish. As it relates to contracts for minority and women-owned businesses, out of $169 million dollars of total contract work to date, 32.3% are being completed by minority-owned businesses, exceeding the goal of 25% participation and equating to $42.2 million dollars in contracts. Out of the same $169 million dollars of total contracts, 7.8% are being completed by women-owned businesses, exceeding the goal of 5% participation. This equates to $13.2 million dollars in contracts to women-owned businesses.

“As a proud St. Louisan, I’m excited to advance the great work already started and continue to rally the support of local, regional, and national brands while reaching audiences of all kinds,” said Mike LaMartina, Chief Revenue Officer of Ballpark Village St. Louis. “This property truly represents the growth and evolution of Downtown and provides a vibrant destination for people to visit and experience — all of that is really something special to be part of.”

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