Bike Sharing in Downtown St. Louis: Where and How to Find a Ride

Bike sharing has arrived in St. Louis! Whether you’re looking to ride to work, bike to the nearest public transit or simply enjoy some fresh air while admiring the new Arch grounds, green and yellow bicycles are now available for public use in St. Louis. For the April 16 launch, 1,500 bikes were brought in and more will be added monthly with a final total of 5,000. Looking for a ride? Here’s what users need to know.

Where are the bike share docks in Downtown St. Louis?

Both companies currently offering bike sharing services in Downtown St. Louis are dockless, meaning when you’re done riding you can prop up the kickstand and go. Locate an available bike using the Ofo or LimeBike app.

How do you unlock LimeBike and Ofo bikes?

When you find an available bike you’d like to ride, simply scan the QR code using the app to unlock it. If you’re using LimeBike, find the QR code under the handlebars, near the seat and over the rear tire. For Ofo bikes, the QR code is located on the license plate.

How much does bike sharing cost and how do you pay?

Ofo bikes are $1 per hour. Bikes from LimeBike are $1 per 30 minutes and offer a 50% discount for students and teachers with a corresponding .edu email address. Currently bikes may only be paid for via credit card over the app, however an option for those without smartphones or credit cards is currently in the works.

Without bike share docks, where do you park?

A brief user guide pops up when logging into the Ofo app in St. Louis listing basic reminders, including parking. It is recommended users park the bikes near existing bike racks, along wide corners and between trees while leaving at least five feet of usable sidewalk space. However, it is important to note bikes should not block sidewalk ramps or be left in landscaped areas.