The Untold Story of The Thaxton in Downtown St. Louis

Some venues rely on a modern flair to lure people in the door. Some rely on slick marketing or influencer promotions. But The Thaxton in Downtown St. Louis is underpinned by a timeless legacy and self-sustaining cachet.

Tucked away at 1009 Olive Street, the Thaxton Building was constructed nearly a century ago. Today, it’s been restored to its Art Deco splendor and plays host to weddings, private events, and of course, thirsty bar-goers in the acclaimed underground Thaxton Speakeasy.

The Riverfront Times called The Thaxton “an out-of-the-way oasis in the middle of Downtown St. Louis.” Why an oasis? Partly because The Thaxton transports you into a new era—the Prohibition Era—as soon as you step foot into the building.

The grand lobby is adorned with original artwork from the early 20th, exquisite woodwork, and hand-painted murals. Above are two floors of event space, complete with full bars and space for 200 people.

From weddings to corporate events, The Thaxton is perennially atop the list of best event spaces—but it’s not just a go-to venue for locals. Couples from Europe and Asia often voyage across the globe to Olive Street in Downtown St. Louis so they can tie the knot in St. Louis’ own prohibition era-themed space.

Speaking of alcohol, The Thaxton Speakeasy is among the most iconic bars in Downtown St. Louis, if not the entire state of Missouri. Guests enter through the alley (a password gets you a discounted cover) and make their way to the swanky speakeasy where cherry moonshine cocktails flow all night long.

Words can’t quite capture the full scope of The Thaxton’s milieu, so step inside and experience it through the lens of the two people who built The Thaxton’s cult-like following from the ground up:

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